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Using unique, fun and challenging scenarios, your teams are pitted head to head to develop a stronger understanding and increase communication

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Available Activities

Banzai’s experienced team of event organisers and team building facilitators will help you design a team building event to meet your brief and objectives.

You can choose from these team building activities and also combine them with all the other challenges and experiences we offer here at Banzai:

Jeep Gymkhana

We’ll divide your group into two teams who will each tackle four off-road activities in our Jeeps. You’ll go head-to-head on identical tracks with obscure obstacles as you attempt Welly-Wanging, Clay-Busting, the Mountain Bike Challenge and Penalty Shoot Out challenges.  Crazy, chaotic fun like you’ve never seen before.

Barbarian Launch

How do you get an egg to fly through the air, with all this equipment that is lying on the floor? Each team is provided with the same bits and pieces with a deadline to produce a launch vehicle. Time management is critical, as is co-operation between team members. The competition begins when teams compete to see who can throw the furthest – eggs!!! Great fun and sometimes quite messy!

3D Spiders Web

Get your squad through the web. Each member must use a different entrance and exit holes and must go over 2 blue ropes and under 2 red ropes without touching them. If you do the team member has to go back to the start of the web. Communicate with bells, whistles and quacks!

Stepping Stones

A marshland can only be safely crossed using a series of stepping stones. The span between stones can only be bridged using a plank. Some of the spans are greater than others making the exercise harder than it first looks.

Bridge Building

You are returning from patrol when you find that the bridge on the border has been destroyed. The river is in flood, but the bridge supports are still above the water. You must cross the river with 2 short planks, rope and ingenuity – none of which are long enough!

Blindfold Jigsaw

This is exactly what it sounds! It is a giant jigsaw and each team member will take it in turns to collect the pieces scattered around, with the use of a wheelbarrow. However, the team member will be blindfolded and will need to listen to their other team members who will be giving clear instruction and guidance towards the pieces of jigsaw. Once all the pieces of the jigsaw have been gathered, the team will need to assemble the jigsaw.

Test Pilot

A highly participation and extremely dynamic activity, involving each team member driving Honda Pilot Off-Road Buggies around a self-designed and constructed course. From a central start point, the team designs a course which incorporates four sets of obstacle gates to be driven through as part of the course. Four additional gates must be placed at a given distance from the central start point. A pit area must be constructed to enable safe and sensible changeover of drivers and all team members must complete the circuit to achieve a maximum score. Team against team for a relay race finale.

Pit Stop Challenge

Fantastic fun! 2 teams, 2 vehicles, 2 sets of kit. After a strategy meeting the teams will practice changing a set of wheels, changing the driver, cleaning the windscreen/visor and sending the machine on its way. Then they will go head to head in the final. Really get the teams going!

Blind Driving – Deliver The Parcel

Manoeuvre a 4WD vehicle over various obstacles and slopes. Team event or test skills at blindfold driving with your team guiding you around. Within the group each person will be teamed up with another colleague, being navigated around the course, picking up parcels along the way. This activity can also be timed. We can also use the Reverse Steer crazy jeep for this activity which adds and interesting dimension.


The team must retrieve vital equipment from the minefield whilst blindfolded, with only their team members to talk then through. The minefield is cunningly designed with pyrotechnic trip wires and ground mines, when tripped there is loud bang and your team member must return to the start line (a trust and communication game!)

The Rope Bridge

Get each of your squad and the de-activator across the rope bridge (mind your heads on the cross beams). The rope bridge then gets washed away and with the equipment remaining you must construct another bridge to get across the ravine to safety.

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