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Blind Driving

The ultimate in back-seat driving, without the repercussions!

Manoeuvre a 4wd over / around obstacles and angles whilst blindfolded and directed by your co-driver.

Choose a Blind Driving package...

Banzai Blitz

£40.00 ** per person

Banzai Action Special Half Day

£60.00 ** per person

Team Building Activities

£60.00 ** per person

Blaster Event

£75.00 ** per person

Motorsplat Day

£82.00 ** per person

Meet and Move Day

£125.00 ** per person

Full Grand Prix Day

£115.00 ** per person

The Kielder Day

£199.00 ** per person
Photo: Blindfolded man driving jeep.

This activity is a test to teamwork and builds trust, cooperation and requires a high degree of good communication as well as being hilarious and fun!

The driver is totally reliant on the co-drivers instructions to safely navigate the vehicle through the course. The co-driver and blind driver cannot succeed in this fun activity unless they work together as a team. The co-driver can only use their voice to communicate and become the ultimate ‘back seat driver’. Blind Driving is an excellent teamwork activity and develops communication and cooperation skills.

Please note that a valid driving license is required in order to take part in this activity.

What our clients say...

"Thank you for a fantastic day. I have had nothing but positive feedback from our group and I very much hope that we can visit Banzai again in the not too distant future."
HM Prison Service

"What an exhilarating experience! The Honda Pilots are fantastic...I want one!"
Darren Turner, Wiltshire

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